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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Yours, Mine, And Ours-Literally

I've seen the movie and in the movie they each have their own kids and they get married, combining the two families into what they call "ours". Brian and I literally have "yours" which is Jordan, "mine" Riley and Darby, and "ours" Jillian. (Or you could change the mine and yours depending on who your talking about.) Then we combine them all together and get a lot of fricking kids.

I was just thinking, since we have all the kids together this week, how happy Jillian is when she has her brothers and sister with her. It's so cute. She has no idea they aren't related. She just knows they're her best friends. They're fun. And when she's in the same room with them she doesn't fuss or whine or want to be held. She just wants to crawl all over them or have them tickle her or make funny noises at her or just talk to her. Basically, she wants their undivided attention. Which she usually gets. It's very rarely that they tire of her and want me to take her out of the room.

I was also thinking how she is such of mixture of each child. She has a little bit of each of them in her face. She has Jordan's eyes, Darby's mouth and cheeks and Riley's chin. Sometimes she sucks her bottom lip in like Darby does (which drives me insane). One time her, Jordan, and Brian we're sitting on the couch and it was indisputable that they were brother and sister with dad. And now that she's getting older and more mobile I can see a little spark of Riley every time she uses the wipe box to climb on her Leap Frog table or stands on her bouncy chair-backwards-to bounce.

It's weird how this genetics stuff works. Of course, Brian completely lucked out in that both his kids have dark hair and blue eyes. Exactly like him. There is no question those two belong to him. I, on the other hand must have the weakest genes in history. Out of three kids I did not get one with dark hair and dark eyes. Not one! What are the chances? I suppose it doesn't matter. I love my oldest with his dark eyes and dark blonde or light brown hair (it's hard to tell, but in the summer, it's pretty close to blonde), and my little girl with her blonde hair and green/blue eyes and of course the baby, Brian's clone. It's okay they have none of my features. (Well, Lass does tell me that Darby looks exactly like me, which make me feel better.) I just love that I can look at them and know they are all connected to one another. I think it's pretty amazing, actually.


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