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Thursday, January 26, 2006


This is why I love you girls who read and comment on my blog. I write this long post about this horrible woman who has no respect for her fellow man and you all comment about how you’ve never been to Phoenix. It cracks me up. Seriously, I never know what I’m going to find in my comment section. You guys make me chuckle. Especially since after I wrote that I was all annoyed. You help lighten my mood.

This weekend is Riley’s birthday party. We’re taking him, two of his friends and Jordan and Darby to pizza and then off to play laser tag. I told Riley what we planned to do for his birthday and that he can invite two friends. Jordan heard this and piped in wanting to know if he was going to invite him and Darby. I just smiled and assured him that he and Darby are automatically invited, Riley just gets to invite a couple of friends from school. Riley then told me he was so excited for his birthday party. Jordan said he was so excited to be invited to his birthday party.

Brian and I are also finished with our first month of trying to lose weight. Now, I think I said I wanted to lose like 15 lbs this month and it is so not going to happen. Try 5 or 6. That’s okay, I’m not upset. I only have 12 pounds to go to get back to my pre baby weight. Twelve is not horrible and if I keep at this rate I’ll be back to my old self by Spring Break. Brian has kept to his little diet which includes not snacking and zero alcohol. I, however, have not. I don’t snack all that much but I really do enjoy a glass or two or three or four of wine every so often. Sorry, a girl has to have a vice and since my shopping is always being put on hold this is all I have.

For some reason I was thinking of something Brian said to me on our way into work. “I just wanted you to know that if you ever fall down these stairs, I’m going to laugh at you before I help you.” My response? “Ditto.”


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