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Friday, January 20, 2006

Happy, Happy Birthday

Today is Brian’s birthday. He is a whopping 27 years old. That’s right, he’s younger than me. I don’t even care. He can be younger than me. It doesn’t bother me that when I was a senior in high school he was a ninth grader. Or was he a sophomore? It doesn’t matter. It still seems young in terms of high school. Thank God we aren’t in high school.

I would write something sappy and sweet, but he seriously doesn’t like that type of thing so I won’t. I will just say Happy Birthday sweetie pie, honey buns, sugar cube. How’s that for sappy?

Yesterday was Riley’s birthday. He turned 9. I can’t believe he’s nine. I can’t believe I have a 2 month old baby and a 9 year old. That is freaking insane! This year isn’t my year to have Riley on his birthday so instead I took the day off to deliver cupcakes to his class. It was so fun. 3rd graders are adorable. They saw me walk in with the cupcakes and they all of a sudden began whispering and talking. It was funny. Everyone sang Happy Birthday and I think he was a little embarrassed, which I don’t think he gets embarrassed all that often. I’ve never been able to take him treats to school on his birthday before. After yesterday, no matter what, I am taking him treats. I could tell he was really happy about it.

What else did I do on my day off, you ask? Well, Jillian had a doctor’s appointment. For such a sweet little baby she sure does have a temper. She was screaming through the entire appointment. It all started when they were measuring her head, then again when they used the stethoscope, and when they checked her ears, and when they moved her legs and again when they were holding her legs to give her shots. I thought I was going to be so upset when she had to have her first shots, but it wasn’t too bad. She was already screaming so when they put the needle in her fat little thigh I couldn’t tell if she was screaming because of the shot or because they had their hand on her legs. Usually the first shots can be very traumatic for the mom. Not this time. I got off easy.

That is why I had no time to blog yesterday. Actually I don't have much time to blog today, but I've managed to get this little post in and read my favorite blogs. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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