Pink Sheets

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I moved over to something new.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dirty, Lazy, Busy Fun

Brian is running the Dirty Dash this morning at Bogus Basin. He is going with his nephew Alex and some of Alex's friends. I bet it will fun. But I won't be there. I was going to try and figure out a way to go, but then I was feeling rushed. Jillian starts ballet at around noon today. The race starts at 9 and both are in Boise but I was thinking that since the contestants were going to be a muddy mess there's a good chance so will the spectators. (Spectators are also allowed to throw water balloons at the racers.) And ballet is pretty important to Jillian. She's done nothing but talk about it since soccer has ended. I just don't think she wants to start her first class spattered in mud.

And I still need to pick up her ballet shoes and feed her and try and figure out how to put a bun in her hair. I'm actually a little nervous about her appearance. They have all of these guidelines for how the ballerinas should be dressed for class. What if I dress her wrong? It's so stressful.

I was just going through Darby's bag for an invitation to a party this afternoon and I found this fundraiser envelope. It's old and the fundraiser is over, but a few weeks ago Darby tells me that "tomorrow is the last day to sell cookie dough". She only wanted to sell a certain number so that she could get some prize and said she would go with her friend Rylee after school and before cheer the next day to try and sell to the neighbors. They ended up going but they didn't go right after school. They went about an hour before cheer and she actually sold 10 items. She's so funny. I can't believe she sold anything. I thought I would have to buy a bunch of cookie dough, but I only bought two.

Darby is a last minute kind of girl. She actually reminds me of Brian. He also talks about getting the most amount of work done using the least amount of energy possible. I think he's actually saying he likes to be efficient but the way he explains it sounds like he's being lazy. But I don't think he is. He says he is, but Darby is like this too. It's not lazy.

I was in a parent/teacher conference last year and the teacher asked if I checked her grades online. I said I used to but I would check them and she would have C's and D's and I would panic and ask her what was going on. Once I received her final grades for the quarter or semester or whatever was ending, they would be A's an B's. He turned to her and said, "yes Darby, that is interesting how that happens. Please tell us, how do you do that?"

She responded that at the end of the quarter she figures out how much work she has to do to bring her grade up and then does that. Hmm, maybe she shouldn't tell her teacher that. I don't know.

The boys do not do this. I check their grades online every week or so and if I see something start to slip I let them know. If they waited to the last minute I'm pretty sure they would end up with the C's and D's and that would not be a very good day in the house.

Well, I guess I should go. The kids spent the night at their grandma's house and I need to pick them up so that grandma can take Darby to cheer. Then I need to pick up those ballet slippers and stop by Claire's for a gift card and a purse to put the gift card in. After which, I will take Jillian to ballet and then make it home in time to get Darby to her party. I think that Brian will be home in time to get Jordan to his party AND pick up a gift before dropping him off, but if not I probably can. Other than that my day is pretty free. I should go grocery shopping tonight but that's probably not going to happen. Have a great Saturday!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Today is Family Day at the Guard. Brian asked me what hot mom outfit I was going to wear. Really? Hot mom outfit? For Family Day? I don't know, I guess I'll surprise him. He's silly.

We also bought a new shoe rack because our shoes were overflowing off the other one. I actually don't consider myself a shoe person. When I buy new shoes it's usually to replace old shoes and I basically have black and brown for different occasions such as work or casual or boots and then I have various flip flops and sandals for the summer time. I don't generally just buy shoes because I have to have something new, but I was going through them and I have a lot of shoes. More than I expected. They fill the whole rack and then some. Brian's new shoe rack looks pretty pathetic and empty. He said that I couldn't have any space on his rack. Rude!

The girls, on the other hand, are shoe people. They love shoes and have to have them. Every time we go to the store they want new shoes. All styles, colors, types. Well, Darby hates tennis shoes. She refuses to wear them except for cheer leading. Jillian even loves tennis shoes. We just bought her some new skate shoes. They are so cute. They are pink, black, green...totally punk. Darby doesn't like them. She thinks Jillian has too many shoes as it is. She does. But so does Darby.

The wedding date is getting closer and I need to do a lot of work, but I've been so busy at my job that I haven't had time to do stuff during the day and now my weekend has been filled with work stuff so I can't do it this weekend either. Ugh. It is going to get here too fast. Hope we are ready. I just need my maid of honor back in town so she can get me back on track. Oh and Brian needs to chose a best man. Seriously. It is stressing me out. And I could stand to lose about 5 lbs. I have been pigging out this summer. Ahhh!

Okay, I need to go get more work stuff done. No more slacking for me this Sunday morning.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend has been awesome. Normally we go to the cabin and spend three days up there but this year we decided to stay home and I'm so glad we did. I actually have my laundry caught up. Well, almost. There is some laundry in the dryer that needs folded and honestly it might stay there until one of the kids starts to run out of clothes. However, my goal is to fold it today.

On Saturday I went to a kickboxing class. I never get to go to kickboxing on Saturday but since Darby doesn't have cheer leading for the Labor Day weekend I decided working out would be a good use of my time. I must have been the only person who thought this because I was the only one who showed up. So, I got a personal trainer for an hour for the cost of the class. I am so freaking sore. My body is aching. I'm going to still try and go for a walk today but I seriously can not move. Well I can hardly move. She decided we should do some strength training with weights and it kicked my butt!

Yesterday I was pretty lazy. I watched a movie and a bunch of episodes of House Hunters. That show is so good. I love it. Brian was the productive one yesterday. He spent the ENTIRE day in the garage cleaning and putting up his work bench with his dad. It looks pretty good.

Okay, so you think that catching up on laundry isn't really that much of an accomplishment for a three day weekend but I also went grocery shopping and managed to get Jillian to take all of her naps and kept all of the dishes out of the sink and the kitchen floor swept. That's tough work. Riley and Darby went back to their dad's but Jordan has his cousin over so that's a lot of dishes and a lot of crumbs. Plus, I've managed to get them breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Mostly because we have company. Otherwise, they would have to fend for themselves. Oh yes, I also cleaned the bunny cage and chased her back into her cage TWICE. Lots of work I tell you.

Tonight is the BSU vs VA Tech game. I can not wait. I'm so excited and so nervous. I don't know if I will even be able to watch it. I hope it's a good game. My fingers are crossed.