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Friday, September 21, 2007

Soccer Mama Drama

This baseball, softball, football, soccer mom thing isn't as easy as it looks. Sometimes it's a messy job, but you just have to do it. I love the baseball mom role. Baseball moms are very serious about baseball, but they also like to chit chat, because the action in baseball is minimal. At least at this young age. I've heard stories about crazy baseball moms, but I have yet to experience one, so I really enjoyed baseball season.

Football is a breeze, because your mostly dealing with the dads. Believe me, it isn't difficult to go to a game or a practice and have people (dads) cater to you. 'Do you need a chair, a blanket, etc... Did you get that handout? I'll go get you one.' And the mom's I do know are nice. There are a few that I wonder about and probably won't make an effort to get to know. Like the one who was going on and on about her nanny, for her one kid. Whatever.

But last summer I signed Darby up for softball and I did not have the best relations with the moms. I don't know what it is about these moms, but I'm now dealing with the exact same moms for soccer. First of all, they all knew each other so immediately I was out of the loop and spent most practices, actually watching them practice. Let me tell you, seven year old girls practicing softball is not exciting. It's pretty boring, actually. They spend a lot of time doing a lot of nothing. The games are pretty much the same. I kind of had the impression (and still do as a matter of fact) that they thought I was snobby. I'm not, but I don't just go up to groups of women and start conversations either.

Plus, I over hear their conversations and many of them are about family and husbands and what not. These women talk about how their husbands have no choice but to be with them. I can't be sure that's what they mean, and their probably kidding, but when you talk about how you can put on the weight because their husbands know it's less expensive to be with them than to divorce them, I'm thinking those aren't women I particularly want to be friends with. I prefer a healthy relationship with a little bit of excitement thrown in, but maybe that's just me.

I'm not a complete out cast, I do have one ally. Darby's friend's mom is also around. She's the assistant coach so I don't interact with her all that much, except outside of soccer. But, it's nice to have at least one friend. Especially now because the moms are mad at her and criticized her coaching and took over the last practice. They also made her pretty angry by acting like a bunch of pigs towards my daughter and hers. So much so that she stomped off the field and took the girls home. I wasn't there that day, but she was pretty upset when she dropped Darby off. There was something about giving the girls candy and Darby and Tayler not paying attention and making one of the girls feel left out. Again, whatever. Get over it.

Usually there is a male coach, also, but he's out of town. I hope he comes back soon before the women are completely out of control. I guess I'll find out what happens on Saturday. I think it's easier to just have boys, but I do love my girls.


  • I never had a daughter, just the 2 boys. I often wondered how I would have done raising a daughter?
    But the boys were and still are a blast! I love being their dad.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 11:24 AM, September 22, 2007  

  • Amen girl...

    I always coached my son's baseball team and the Moms were a lot harder to deal with then the men. Honestly.

    I feel for ya there....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:15 AM, September 24, 2007  

  • sounds a lot like the moms I deal with at CCD - they're so competitive and catty. The men are so much easier ;)

    By Blogger Kate, at 7:29 AM, September 24, 2007  

  • Ah kids in sports. I so enjoyed reading this post. I could totally see it played out in some sitcom.


    By Blogger Chelle / Chel, at 3:03 PM, September 25, 2007  

  • The karate parents are cool, there are dads, moms and grandparents! I love karate! I dont really care for soccer, tball isnt too bad, but we have been in the same league for 3 years.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:46 PM, September 28, 2007  

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