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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Laugh

As it turns out both my girls have low, husky laughs. I equate these to Demi Moore like laughs. Brian on the other hand, compares them to cartoon characters. He tells Darby she laughs like a french man. Then he proceeds to poke fun, laughing like a french man which reminds me of a Bugs Bunny character for some reason. Little Jillian just started laughing and already her dad is teasing her. He says that she laughs like one of Marge's sisters on The Simpsons. You know, the ones who smoke. Jillian, however, is not as good natured as her sister. When Brian makes fun of Jillian's laugh she starts to sob uncontrollably. It's really quite sad. Or at least it would be if that were the only time she cried uncontrollably around her dad. Jillian is a very sensitive little baby and anytime Brian makes a goofy face or talks in a low, scary voice, or makes an unusual sound she tends to burst into tears. It's a little bit funny and now I think Brian tries to get her to cry in fear, which is sort of mean. But still funny.

In other news: Sunday I was walking to my car, in the rain, with the baby in her car seat and my jacket on my arm. My jacket fell off my arm. I stepped on it. Got mad. Kicked it. When I finally got home I threw the jacket on the stairs. This morning that is the jacket I decided to grab to wear to work. And I have a huge zit on my check. It's so embarrassing. I hate it! It's so big that other people are distracted by it. I was telling my friend something about my pitbull and she asked "what? Your pimple?" No PITBULL!! PIT-BULL!


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