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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Impressed or Scared to Death?

I'm not sure what my reaction to this incident should be. On Super Bowl Sunday we spent the day at Brian's parent's house to eat food, drink beer, and watch the game (if your into that). The first two are really the only reason I show up. Well, that and I enjoy the company. Anyway, this year was especially nice outside so the kids were able to spend the entire afternoon playing football and running around-outside, not in the house. It was spectacular. Not worrying about rambunctious kids flying around, screaming, annoying us. We hardly saw them except to eat dinner.

On the way home, before the game was over because the baby decided to scream her fool head off the entire time we were there, we found out that Jordan had "started a fight with some teenagers". Darby, you need to elaborate a bit. What does it mean "Jordan started a fight with teenagers"?

From what I could tell from the story (as told by five year olds) was that Jordan was playing outside a little bit a way from the others, which he is apt to do, (not because he's being left out, but because he some how strays from the herd), when some kids came around and I think that Jordan must have yelled something at them. Now, I know your thinking that it's very unlikely that a five year old would voluntarily yell at 13 year olds, but I would not ever put that past Jordan. I have seen him yell at other kids before.

This was an invitation to the older boys to start picking on Jordan. Now, you might start feeling sorry for the poor boy about now, because who wouldn't feel sorry for a little kid who is being called a "monkey with a stick" by older bullies, but I wouldn't get out your hankies out quite yet. Because even though they were calling him names and his older cousins were coming out to tell everyone to cool it, Jordan continued to yell at the older kids. From the telling of the incident, Jordan was very embarrassed, but he continued to defend himself. In fact, Darby even told us that he tried to use his bazooka on them. (Which is homemade out of wood and black piping.) He then added that Darby was the one who handed him the bazooka.

So here I am imaging this situation. There's a little boy who was probably playing with his wooden toy sword out in the yard on this lovely afternoon. Most likely practicing his "moves". Yes, he has moves, which he is always showing off, especially when he's outside. Along come a couple of boys, walking down the street. They might have said something to him first, but again, I'm a little fuzzy on who started what. So, they may have made a comment on his "moves" that he's so proud of and in response, Jordan probably told them where to stick it. No one should be making fun of his moves. They are moves and he could use these moves on the boys at any moment. They should probably be afraid.

Now the gauntlet has been thrown. The boys are calling him names, remember the monkey with a stick comment, and laughing at him, which I'm sure he finds very embarrassing. Then the other kids start to realize that Jordan is arguing with these kids, that happen to be much older than them and at least Darby tries to help, though she's a little bit scared. So she hands him his bazooka, which is a much larger and more powerful weapon than any sword. And I'm sure Jordan held up that bazooka thinking these boys would finally leave him alone, but they probably didn't. The older cousins are telling everyone to stop, but Jordan must defend his honor. He is going to be a knight when he grows up. People can not treat him so rudely. I imagine that it probably ended with older boys growing tired of this little game and eventually leaving, though how the entire incident ended is also a mystery.

All I know is it was so hilarious to hear them tell this story and you could tell Jordan was mad. But as funny as it is, it's a little scary to think that he might start a fight with the wrong older kid and the outcome may not be funny at all. And yet, it's impressive that the size of these boys did not hinder his resolve to fight back and stand up for himself. I'm just not sure what think.


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