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Friday, December 16, 2005

Holiday Celebrations (Or Christmas Celebrations, Which Ever You Prefer)

Last night I went to my department's holiday party. Actually, it was my group's holiday party, not the department. I must specify because Brian was a little irked he wasn't invited. It was for our group, not the entire department. :)

Now that we have that out of the way... It wasn't anything fancy. We all met downtown at a Mexican restaraunt for appetizers and drinks. I had two beers and a margarita which proved to be just the right amount of alcohol considering I had to drive home later that evening. It was nice to get out and see my work friends again. I miss them. Not that it's the first time I've seen them since my maternity leave. I have been to work several times since I've had the baby. But, only because Brian is there, not because I'm obsessed with work. I'm so not obsessed with work. I do, however, enjoy the people I work with and I miss seeing them.

We had a white elephant gift exchange. I brought a Cosmopolitan drink mix package because it was cute and Cosmos are yummy. When the gift was opened no one knew what it was. They kept referring to it as "exotic oils" because of the packaging. "It's not exotic oils", I kept telling them over and over again. "It looks like it's some sort of drink mix." Sheesh! Anyway, I stole my gift back so that no one would be confused as to what to do with it. I know what to do with it. I'm going to be making myself some yummy drinks.

Afterwards I stayed another half hour or so talking with my favorite work people. I just love them. They told me how much I was missed and that I need to hurry back. I think I'm ready to go back to work. I'm telling you, this staying home business is pretty darn lonely at times. I really need to have adult interaction. I might go crazy.

Do you ever watch those nanny shows? I watched one the other night. It was about a stay at home mom with six kids and her husband was never home. Ever!! He kept taking on different projects for the sole purpose of avoiding the house. It was absolutely ridiculous. I told Brian if I was that woman I would wake up one morning and tell that man to have fun with those kids and I would leave. He mentioned that I had done exactly that (when I was with the ex). Oh yeah, I forgot about that. See, I would not put up with that crap for very long.


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