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Friday, August 05, 2005

Birthday-Part 2

Yesterday I woke up early to get ready for work. Brian woke up with me because he also had to work and we took a shower together. I love when we get to take showers together. I think we use to be able to shower with one another more often, but lately it’s been sporadic. While we were getting ready for work he sang a little bit of Happy Birthday to me in his goofy way and gave me huge hug because he’s a sweetie pie.

I connected to the internet and in my inbox was an e-card from Queen. I was so excited when I saw this and the greeting was super cute with little smiley faces singing Happy Birthday. I was also surprised to find sweet comments that you can read in my previous post. It made me so happy!!! I love sweet comments.

Since Brian had to work so early I took Jordan to his grandma’s. There I was greeted with a birthday card and Happy Birthday beanie bear. I had Riley and Darby open and read the card to me while I was driving and of course there was a nice little gift inside. They were so jealous. Maybe if they’re nice we’ll do something fun with my gift.

When I arrived to work and got to my desk, located next to my computer was a card and a box of yummy, yummy chocolates. My favorite person at work had left me a little treat. We have a thing for chocolates, we love them and try to have a stash on hand for after lunch. Our favorite chocolates weren’t available so she improvised and I’m sure they will be equally as delicious.

Next, some of my co-workers took me to lunch at this great pizza place by our work. I had an Italian sub and a salad and they ordered a pizza. I was so stuffed afterward, but it was well worth it. Plus, it was free, which makes lunch even more yummy, don’t you think?

We headed back to work and were walking in when the guards at the security console were summoning me over, very excitedly. I knew why. When I began to walk over I could see a flower arrangement and a balloon. Someone had sent me flowers!!! I love getting flowers, especially because I have only received them once before, on Valentine’s Day. I was so excited and they were so beautiful. I’m going to post a picture because they were arranged in a pink watering can. It is so cute. Brian did good.

I had a break, you know, to work, before I had my little party in the break room. Brownies and vanilla bean ice cream were served, my favorites and I had two brownies and chit chatted with everyone for about a half hour where I was able to brag about what a great birthday I was having. Pretty soon it was time to go leave work, pick up the kids, and enjoy an evening of relaxation while watching the movie Guess Who? with Brian. All in all it was a fabulous day and even though I had to work, I didn’t actually get all that much work done.

I have also come to realize that I need to pay close attention to whose birthday it is here at work. People whom are just casual acquaintances emailed me yesterday to wish me a happy birthday. I think I need to begin doing the same. Also, the lady who put my birthday party together happened to be serving my favorite dessert-brownies. This was not a coincidence. I really need to work on not being so self centered. Seriously.


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