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Friday, October 27, 2006

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder...

Okay, the saying is true, sort of. I already knew I was extremely fond of Brian, but this has been the longest week of my entire life. I'm not sure how I'm going to survive one more night. But I will and I must. You see, last Saturday Jordan and Brian left for the airport at 4:00 am. Their destination: Disney World. Here's the story. Last year Riley and Darby went to Disney World (for the second time) with their grandma. When they returned they had a lot to talk about and told Jordan all sorts of fabulous tales of their adventure. Which of course, made him want to go. Desperately.

Well, it just so happens that Brian's brother and his family and Brian's parents have been making plans for the last couple of years to spend a couple of weeks in Disney World around Halloween this year. I suggested he try and get in on that trip. Neither of them have ever been. It would be perfect. When I made this suggestion I was very pregnant and knew that I would not want to take an almost one year old baby. It would be miserable. I also knew I wouldn't be able to leave her for a week. Which is true. I had been to Disney World. Riley and Darby have been. It was Jordan and Brian's turn.

And they are there now. And I didn't want to write anything because I'm a scaredy cat and home alone with a baby and the sweetest pit bull that ever graced the Earth. Who, by the way, I'm certain would be able to tear off precious and much needed body parts should someone try and harm either me or the baby. Just FYI. I figured it would take someone more than a night to plan my murder, so I decided to post what has been happening this week.

Saturday and Sunday were miserable. The moment they left I realized that 7 nights was a long time. I was so upset. I had made plans the entire week before of all the things I was or wasn't going to do. Like watch chic flicks and not cook dinner. I did watch Shop Girl (Claire Danes) and I haven't made much in the way of dinner, but it's not all it's cracked up to be. Brian did call on Sunday evening which lifted my spirits.

Monday and Tuesday were like most others, but Jillian was going to my mom's instead of Brian's mom's. She cried everytime I left and when I picked her up she would run over to me, whining, as if to say 'did you see that? Did you? She was hitting me before you arrived'. Yes, my one year old has a very sophisticated whine. I arrived home late on Tuesday to a message from Brian. I'm okay with this. He called I heard his voice. I'm good. Okay, after my dinner of a baked potato, which I made in the microwave, I was starting to feel a little down about missing the phone call. When he called back. All better. Plus, we're over the hump. It's night number 4.

Wednesday and Thursday weren't too bad. I'm a little better because the days are starting to lessen. Only a couple more left. I have a story for Wednesday, but I'll write that in the other post. It was definitely a moment of break down (both figuratively and literally). But, don't worry. Everything worked out.

Brian and I have agreed we will never, ever, take seperate vacations again. Ever. It's too much time apart. I'm having withdrawals. I want him back safe and sound. One more night. I've spent the entire week counting down his return. I can handle a couple of days, but a week is too much. I do know they are having a great time, and I'm happy about that. I'll also be happy when they come home.


  • You daft thing! Why didn't you email me, you would have had email company at least!!

    I do kind of know how you feel. When I went on my girlie weekend, I missed hubby terribly, and that was only a few days!

    look forward to some quality time with them when they're back!!

    By Blogger serendipity, at 9:06 AM, October 27, 2006  

  • Wow what a great trip!!

    By Blogger truckdriver_sefl, at 7:05 AM, October 28, 2006  

  • yes, girlfriend! next time, which by what you say won't happen but just in case it does, PLEASE LET US KNOW SO WE CAN HELP... yes, i'm yelling at you because i care!!! :+)


    By Blogger Karen, at 9:16 AM, October 28, 2006  

  • I would have definitely spent the week being insanely jealous, so at least you did better than I would have. And you are so right - I can't imagine Disney with a one year old.

    By Blogger Jay, at 4:00 AM, October 30, 2006  

  • All right girls, I promise to let you know the next time I'm left home alone for a week. Though, I just never be again. Sheesh!

    Truckdriver, from the stories I'm hearing they had such a great time!

    Jay, I was very jealous they were vacationing and I was home working, but I'm honestly glad they had the chance to go and had fun.

    By Blogger Jolynn, at 7:38 AM, October 30, 2006  

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