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Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday Night Lights

Tonight, I'm taking the big kids to a high school football game. I think they're really excited. I know Riley is. My co-worker's son is a senior on the team, the wide receiver, and to Riley, that is impressive. They play they're games at BSU stadium on the blue turf and that's an added plus. I think the only thing better would be if they were going to a BSU game.

My co-worker told me she was telling her son that the kids would be there and he should try and come by to say "hi". I think that would make Riley's night. He's a big fan of this high school now because it's a the same high school his all time favorite pro-football player attended. Jake Plummer. There's a funny story about him wishing I would have Jake Plummer's baby, but that's best left for another time. Anyway, I hope they have a good time tonight.

Halloween was very fun. I have pictures so I may have to post those and tell about are exciting adventures at that time. For now, let it be known, complete success-except when the baby lost her binkie, but other than that very fun.

Our floors were re-done, rather unexpectedly, a few days ago and our house still smells awful. Ugh. I hope it goes away soon. I think we're all getting brain damage.

Speaking of brain damage, our little Jillian was damaged yesterday. She has a huge gash on her forehead. It's so sad. She starts to sob and cry any time we try and touch it or take the bandage off or pretty much do anything to it. We contemplated taking her to get stitches, but when I spoke to the nurse she mentioned they sometimes sedate children her age if they freak out about being touched. I thought that sort of trauma is not worth it. She'll have to live with a scar, because she will freak out. She barely even looks at Brian and he only took off the bandage and replaced it with new ones. She's a tad bit of a drama queen.


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