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Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mother's Day-Belated

By the way, thank you for all your sweet comments in regards to my totally crappy day. Lucky for me the day ended splendidly because I was able to leave work a tad bit early, go buy some beer, not fix dinner, play a game of Junior Monopoly, and have some late night fun with Brian if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I had a great Mother's Day and I hope all you other mommies did too. I had a list made for Brian of all the things I would love to receive on Mother's Day. He informed me that I wouldn't be getting what was on my list and that I would be disappointed in what he was going to actually buy me. I was so upset. "Why would you get me something that I won't like? I don't understand." He said that I don't always get to hand pick my gifts. Hmph.

He was wrong. I wasn't disappointed at all. He bought me a new bike with the little seat on the back to carry Jillian. (Which makes it look like such a mom bike, but I am and he said it's easy to take off.) I also received a new Barbie and now I have three of the Flavor Obsession Barbies. He bought me two books that I will start reading during my workouts or possibly while laying out in the sun because the weather is so fabulous. I received a Harry Potter movie, which was a little weird, but I do like Harry Potter. And of course flowers. Darby and Riley went with their grandma and picked out a huge bouquet of flowers. It was seriously large. I had to use two vases.

We did pretty much nothing all weekend long and it was so nice and so relaxing. We did drink too much wine last night and now I'm paying for it a bit. I'm exhausted. But it was fun.

This week is not going to be so relaxing, however. It's Darby's birthday today and I have to do a million things in order to prepare for her party on Saturday. It's so stressful!!! But I do love parties.

Happy Monday!


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