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Friday, December 30, 2005

New Year's Resolutions--Blah

Well, I honestly have never made a New Year's resolution. Seriously, I can't think of a time I ever have. But this year it's going to be the stereotypical "I want to lose weight". This year, I'm actually going to have to make an effort, which means eating right (blah) and cutting back on the alcohol (blah). It's actually going to be a sacrafice.

Right now I'm trying to create a low fat menu for myself and Brian to follow in the coming weeks and while I'm doing this I am drinking a glass of wine, because come January 1st there will be no more wine or beer for me. This is very sad, but if I want to lose weight I'm going to have to eliminate some calories. I'm also going to work out, but working out has never been a problem for me. I actually enjoy working out and I have the convenience of a gym at my work so I can go at lunch. There's really no excuse for not working out. Which, when I don't, makes me feel guilty. I hate feeling guilty. And Brian has promised to do everything with me because he would like to lose some weight as well.

I told him my goal was to lose 15-17 pounds by February 1st. He told me that it would be almost impossible for me to lose that much in that little of time period, unless I starved myself. I said whatever. I want to lose that much weight by then and I just don't see why I can't. He thinks 10 pounds is more realistic. That's what he's going to try and lose. I'm going to try and lose 15-17 pounds. I won't be terribly disappointed if I don't. Besides, I probably only need to lose about 10 pounds in order to fit into my jeans again. Um, I'm rambling from the glass of wine. Sorry.

My dad called and left a message. He wants to come visit the kids this evening. I have to call him back because, whoops, I let the kids go spend the night at their grandma's (on their dad's side) and they aren't available. I'm not in the mood for company this evening anyway. I'm delaying the phone call back. I tend to cancel plans with me dad pretty frequently. At least as frequently as he calls to make plans, which really isn't all that frequent. Whatever.

I just have to say that I just looked over at my sleeping baby and I don't care what anyone says. She is the damn cutest baby ever. Seriously, she is so freaking cute I want to kiss her cheeks all the time. I promise I will post pictures so that you can all agree with me. :) I have actually loaded all the pictures on my computer, I just need to post them. I'm lazy. Hmm, maybe that can be a resolution, not to be so damn lazy. No, I'm good. I can be a little lazy.

Brian has decided not to be lazy any longer. He actually wrote something on his blog, which is linked in my side bar under The Exploding Cigar. I would link it right now, but I'm too lazy, as stated above. Anyway, I'm not in total agreement of the post, mainly because I don't believe a face full of teeth constitutes as cute, but he could have been talking of other features. What? I can't answer. You should read it because he probably won't write again for another eight months.

Everyone have a fun, fun New Year's Eve and if your drinking have a drink for me. I will have one for you. Probably. If I can stay awake that long. Usual bedtime is something like 9 or 10, but whatever. I'll try.


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