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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Staying Home, Moving, Divorce and Smoking

I hate when I have nothing to write about. Brian and I have done absolutely nothing this week, except for watch movies and eat ice cream. It’s been nice actually. Brian has been getting bored staying home by himself with no one to talk with except for the dog. I can tell he’s pretty bored, especially when he calls asking me to get off early so that I can buy him a six pack. Next week he has nothing going on either and I don’t know how he’s going to cope. I really can’t take many more days off so he’s pretty much on his own.

It’s funny how he complains about not having anything to do and then in the next breath tells me that I should get a promotion so that he can stay home. I asked him why in the world he would want to stay home when he’s been so lonely this week. He just said he wouldn’t be lonely if he had a baby all the time. Um, well have to see about that. It would be nice, not having him work after the baby was born. She wouldn’t have to go to daycare for a couple of years and the kids would always have someone to come home to. Still, I’m not so sure about that. He’s silly. I like working. I think I would go insane staying at home. My job is my little break away from home. I do wish home and work were balanced differently. A little more home time and a little less work, but I suppose you can’t have everything.

Well, we have been seriously planning this moving into Brian’s parent’s house thing. Brian has all these ideas on how he wants to remodel. I just want an underground pool, but apparently that isn’t a top priority. Hmph! I think it is, but I guess he isn’t too concerned that I have an awesomely tan body every summer. Whatever dude! If he wants me walking around the whole year pasty white, fine. Okay, I digress, anyway, the house has so much potential and has so much more room than our current dwelling. I hope everything works out and we actually get to go through with the plans. But, as I said before, the move date is so far in the future anything could happen and we could change our minds or find something different.

Did you know the divorce rate is down? It is. I know this is exciting information for all of you, but I thought it was kind of interesting. They think a lot of it has do with the fact that people are opting to live together rather than get married. Woo hoo! Brian and I aren’t the only ones who aren’t married. I was beginning to suspect we were. Anyway, I saw this little news report on CNN or some other news station (in case you need a reference that’s the best I can do.)

I was just thinking that the beginning of July marked the 2nd anniversary of me not smoking. That is because I am so cool and I have such great will power. Just kidding. Basically it came down to Brian and I fighting all the time about how gross it is or me just quitting and him buying me lots of prizes, which he did at first and now the prize getting has dwindled. Oh well, it couldn’t last forever. Right? But, the not smoking part should probably last. I mean don't get me wrong, sometimes I sit in my car on my 25 minute commute home that more often than not turns into a 45 minute commute and I desperately crave a cigarette. Other times I can smell smoke emanating from someone else's car and I want to vomit. I think I'll do okay with out the smokes. Plus, I love that my kids tell their dad that he should be able to quit because "mommy quit".

Wow, two years ago. I think Brian and I are so much happier right now then we were two years ago. Two years we were trying to integrate our lives and it wasn’t very easy. Now we finally have the hang of the things. It’s so much nicer and less stressful. Even the baby news wasn’t horrible and is now, in fact, exciting. It’s crazy how your life can change so drastically in just two years, but that is for a different post.


  • I would love to stay home. I'd love having my son as my focus, and being able to concentrate fully on school.

    By Blogger Beth, at 1:16 PM, July 21, 2005  

  • You could eat ice cream all the time, but you might end up regretting it. Brian keeps telling me that he is going to gain a million pounds next week from all the ice cream consumed this week. I most likely will too. :(

    I think that most moms would either like to stay home or work less (I'm in the work less category). I just think I would be an unproductive stay at home mom. You know, the one who sits around watching soaps and eating bon bons all day. Actually I don't know many moms who get to stay home, but the ones I do know aren't unproductive at all. In fact, most are probably busier than I am.

    By Blogger Jolynn, at 1:59 PM, July 21, 2005  

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