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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Christmas Has Past--Now It's Time To Shop

Christmas is done. I'm going to miss it. Usually I feel like it shouldn't be over. Like something was missing. There should have been more. But, not this time. This year, I'm okay that it has past. I feel fulfilled. Maybe a little too fulfilled. As in, I ate way too much food and drank way too much beer and had way too much chocolate. To top it off I haven't exercised regularly for the past month. I've got in about two workouts a week on average. Blah. I'm slowly turning to mush. I suppose that's what the New Year is for. My New Year's resolution is only to continue my normal, four days a week workout. That shouldn't be too difficult.

I had a great Christmas this year. We didn't have any kids on the actual day of Christmas so Brian and I opened our Santa gifts and the presents to each other and fixed prime rib. I gave Brian a home theatre system that he has been looking at forever and he got me a vacuum. Yes, you read correctly--a vacuum. Hmph! I was mad. Super mad. I didn't want a vacuum. I didn't ask for a vacuum, and in fact, told him bluntly that he NOT get me a vacuum. I would take it back and get something I wanted. But alas, he bought me one anyway. Against my wishes and warnings of return.

So, for the past month there has been a huge present under the tree just for me along with three little gifts from the kids. Christmas morning, after I opened my wonderful Santa gifts, which included the movie Love Actually, the 45th anniversary Barbie and the matching ornament, I opened the huge gift. Which, as I stated before, contained a vacuum. I thought it was a big joke. Maybe there were real gifts inside the vacuum box. But there wasn't. It was a vacuum.

I think I wanted to kill him. I didn't understand what part of "I don't want a vacuum" was so difficult to comprehend. I think my disgust at the vacuum was apparent, so he got up, muttered something about how I had hurt his feelings and went out to the garage. He then brought in my real presents. He had actually bought me everything I had asked for. Everything--including the coat I so desperately wanted. I didn't think he was going to get me the coat. I also received the dish set with accessories that I had asked for to put in the kitchen and a Tim McGraw CD, because I loooove Tim McGraw.

The prime rib was delicious and the next day we picked up all the kids and had a Christmas Day with them and Brian's family. All in all everything went perfectly. Except for the vacuum. I don't even vacuum. Brian vacuums. And I think he has probably used the vacuum 10 times since Christmas Day. What a freak, but a sweet freak I suppose.

Oh, and shopping was done Monday, because I was also lucky enough to receive some spending money from Brian's parents. Three and half hours I shopped and loved every minute. I love shopping when the money is free. :)


  • i so totally wanted that swiffer vacuum but i didn't get it. i am not allowed to vacuum because i get very angry and destructive. there is something about using a vacuum cleaner that sends me into major fits of rage. i have no idea why... if we ever need to use it (we have all wood floors, so it's pretty much sweeping) shawn has to use that stupid machine.

    things like swiffers amuse me though. ha!

    glad you had a happy christmas - and glad to see you back in the bloggin world. :)

    By Blogger cat, at 4:00 AM, December 30, 2004  

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