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Thursday, June 01, 2006

It Has To Be Done

I'm going to have to write about my weekend and other blah stuff so bare with me. Let's start with Friday. Friday I come into work and turn on my computer. Nothing is there. None of my programs that I must have to work are there. My email is gone, my files are gone. I have nothing. I call the help desk and then putz around for an hour or so until my meeting that is scheduled on a Friday before the holiday. Rude! Anyway, I go to the meeting and I am assigned to do an audit of payments made over the past couple of years. Alright. Fine. I suppose that I can do that on top of not having a computer that works, trying to get a million contracts renewed by June 1st, and reconciling an account that it is out of control. This is when I decide to take the rest of the day off and not come back until Wednesday. It was the best decision of my life. Until I came back on Wednesday of course.

I left work around noon on Friday and we pack up all our camping gear, which includes my curling iron, hair spray, and make-up and head out. We make a stop at the grocery store because we only had 8 beers left and we needed at least another 12 if we were going to last the entire three days. I bought 18 just in case Brian's dad held out on me and didn't buy a case. He didn't hold out. He knew better. There was a case of beer in the fridge when we arrived.

We make good time to the cabin, but the first night mainly consists of house cleaning. Especially since a lot of people will be coming up. We have to get are things situated and make sure we keep our clothes confined to one location so we don't have our underwear and t-shirts spread throughout the cabin.

Lucky for you I stayed pretty well intoxicated the entire weekend. Most things are a blur. Except for the fact that it rained and hailed most of the time. Other than that I made a conscious effort to have a beer in hand whenever interacting with most people. It helps me keep my cool or look like a complete idiot. Either way, I don't really care what people are talking about or doing. (I wish I could expand on this topic more, but unfortunately, I can't.) I think it's best for everyone. But seriously, we had a really great weekend and I was glad we went.

I was also very happy to have Tuesday off so that I could catch up on the house work and laundry that usually takes place during the weekend. I had so much laundry piled up. I was already to get started and tackle those piles, but since I've had such great luck lately my dryer decided to go capoot. I called a repair place and it wasn't so horrible. I had a dryer by noon. Dryer repairs do not come cheap however. I'm just glad we don't need a new dryer.

Tuesday I felt like I accomplished so much. It was such a relief. It's the first time I ever felt like I could stay home without going crazy. I actually enjoyed it. Usually I hate staying home all day long. This was nice. Which was kind of funny because Brian came home saying that he wished I stayed home too. Not that this is an option at this point or any time soon, but I suppose it could be something to think about. But not really because I had a lot to do on Tuesday and if I stayed home I think I might fall into a slump. Ugh, who knows. I don't really have to worry about it now.

I want to thank everyone for the always nice and silly comments. Karen, I think I might clean my bathroom this weekend, but I'm certainly not going to mop the floor! I hope everyone had a great weekend, and week and will have a great weekend.


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