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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Father's Day Weekend

I'm going to put pictures up on this blog to go through the Father's Day weekend. I might move them to the other blog, but I need them to chronicle our day.

I took Brian to the farmer's market that the boys and I enjoyed so much the other weekend. We then walked to the park where they were having a Juneteenth celebration going on. Here is a picture of Jordan and his balloon sword. You can also check out his snazzy hair cut. We went with a different look: spikey.

When we arrived at the park we decided we were hungry and wanted to eat. They had several booths set up for food, but you needed tickets in order to purchase the food. We didn't know anything about these "tickets" so we left. I know, I realize we could have asked, but we didn't. We were hungry and wanted to eat. I didn't want to buy any tickets.

We decided that Cafe Ole sounded yummy. That's back downtown and by the time we got there we were starving. We ordered the appetizer sampler and a couple of drinks, Brian ordered diet Pepsi, I however had to have a margarita. Hello, we're eating Mexican food. They brought out our order and the tray was huge! Basically, there was no way we would be able to eat all of that food ourselves. We didn't even come close.

After our delicious lunch we headed back to the car. On the way there's a huge fountain the kids like to run through. Knowing this I was prepared. I had packed Jordan's swimsuit and towel in advance so he was ready to be cold and wet.

Jillian on the other hand prefers to just hang out.

After that we went home and chilled out. The next day we spent the afternoon and evening doing absolutely nothing, except barbequeing (I have no idea how to spell that)steaks and hanging out in the backyard. Brian turned pink. It was cute.


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