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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Things to Remember-Jillian

I thought I would write a few things down about Jillian that I don't want to forget. I don't have a baby book for her and to tell you the truth, if I did I probably wouldn't fill it out. So this is what I'll do instead.

-I call her Jilly Bean. (I remember the other kids having baby nicknames, but I don't recall what they were. Maybe I'll call her Jilly Bean for the rest of her life. Maybe not.)

-At about six months Jillian did an honest to goodness wave goodbye, or hello, whichever. She refuses to do it on demand, but she waves without a doubt.

-She gets into the crawl position and tries to crawl, but has yet to master this talent.

-Last week she went from her belly to the sit position. This was a great accomplishment for her. Now I put her to bed and go in and check on her she'll be sitting there smiling at me, playing with her glow worm.

-She has super chubby cheeks.

-She'll smile at everyone and for any reason. Sometimes she smiles even when she's grouchy, which is very rare, but she won't laugh at just anything. Her giggles do not come freely and most of us must work to get one from her. Riley, however, can make her laugh at anything he does. The other night he was sitting behind her and he asked, "Jillian do you want to play peek a boo?" She wasn't even looking at him, but the moment he said peek a boo she started giggling. It's so cute.

-I love this baby. She is the sweetest baby ever.


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