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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Lot of Catch Up

*I finally have new pictures posted. Jillian was a skunk for Halloween and looked so cute. I also posted some of my Halloween decor so you finally get to see a few pics of the new house.

*The other day in the elevator Brian said, "Lick me," and leaned his head in. As if I should lick his cheek. And I did. It tasted salty and all of a sudden I was horrified that I had just licked his cheek. Why would he ask me that? And worse why would I do it. So weird. Anyway, he just wanted me to know he went to work out. Weird.

*Monday I wore the exact same outfit as Brian's boss Chuck. And it wasn't just khakis and a white shirt. Something anyone might be wearing on any given day. No. It was a pink shirt and navy blue pants. What are the odds someone named Chuck would wake up and decide to wear a pink shirt.

*I voted on Tuesday like the good little citizen I am. Of course my state doesn't swing the same way I do, but that's alright. It's alright that a man who insists there is a direct correlation between breast cancer and abortions was elected. That's cool.

*This month is busy. Jillian's birthday: November 15th. Jordan's birthday: November 23rd. Thanksgiving: November 23rd. You might think we're combining Jordan's birthday with Thanksgiving. We aren't. That would be such a rip off. I think people should have to go out of their way to attend his party. Not just show up for Thanksgiving, like they do each and every year, with a gift. Nope. They're going to attend a seperate party or be black listed! And not only that. They'll be attending a seperate party for Jillian in the same week.

*I've forgotten everything I wanted post. So I'll be done for today.


  • Those halloween pictures are TOO cute -- that much cute might be illegal in some states. Maybe one of those weird referendums like "Vote No on Proposition 939!" is to limit cuteness, but everyone thought it was to lower the age to purchase machine guns to 12, so it passed (or at least, it would where I'm from).

    The baby looks like she's being gobbled up a teddy bear. And I haven't seen a Robin Hood in ages (that was Robin Hood, right?). That's a mature choice for a kid. Sort of an old-school superhero...

    By Blogger Marguerite, at 8:07 PM, November 09, 2006  

  • I'm going to have to agree with you. The baby is much too cute. She was so silly in that thing.

    And yes, he was Robin Hood. And he definitely chose it himself. Because, hello, Robin Hood still has weapons. :)

    By Blogger Jolynn, at 6:46 AM, November 10, 2006  

  • so very cute. and she looked like she knew it too!!

    By Blogger serendipity, at 4:19 AM, November 11, 2006  

  • I'm sorry....a man who thinks WHAT?

    *shakes head*

    By Blogger Beth, at 2:08 PM, November 13, 2006  

  • cute pics, great family you have there, jolynn!

    By Blogger Karen, at 4:36 PM, November 14, 2006  

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