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Thursday, January 27, 2005

I Have No Title

My brother's pug had puppies. I want a pug puppy. They are so stinking cute. Brian says we need to seriously think about it because they're high maintenance. I suppose he's right. Hmph!

Darby told me the other day that if she could wish for something she would wish for another mommy. At first I thought she wanted a replacement mommy. Rude! It turns out she wants to clone me. That way, one mommy could go to work and the other mommy could stay home and take care of her. I asked which mommy would go to work. She said the one she wished for. I think that sounds like a perfect wish.

Riley on the other hand, was talking about confessing his sins at church. (He goes to Catholic school, blah!) Brian asked what my sins would be and he had quite a list, but the one that sticks out was that I'm a grouchy mom in the morning. Sometimes. I don't think I'm that grouchy and sometimes I'm very nice in the morning. I'm not sure how many people might agree, but that's my opinion.

I have watched two movies with Brian that I believe I wouldn't have chosen to watch if it were just me. Super Size Me and Napolean Dynamite. They were both excellent. Well, Napolean Dynamite more so than the other, but Super Size Me has convinced me that I should never eat McDonalds again. Okay, so I am probably not on a lifetime ban, but I seriously get ill at the thought of eating anything from that place. You would have to watch the movie to understand. Napolean Dynamite was just hilarous. We constantly talk about this movie. "Remember in Napolean Dynamite when....?" That is a must have movie. I could watch that movie over and over again and still find it amusing. There aren't many movies out there I can stomach to watch more than once or twice. It was great.



    we have recently fallen in love with pugs... send us one!! cat c/c ha haha!

    no, really. pug pug pug! my dog needs a friend!

    so jealous. *g*

    By Blogger cat, at 5:04 AM, January 28, 2005  

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