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Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year!

Wow, two posts in one week. It's impressive, I know. I'm suppose to be getting everyone ready to go so that I can get my eyebrows waxed and pick up my check at work. But, I'm taking my time. At least the two little ones are in the bath. That's a start. I think after we do those two things I'm going to take them to get new pillows.

They haven't had new pillows in I don't know how long but it's starting to gross me out a little. I'm not sure how often you're suppose to change a pillow, but it has to be a least once a year. Right? It's been longer than a year since anyone has had a new pillow. Hopefully I can find a good deal. They can get surprisingly expensive.

Last night I used the new mixer I received for Christmas. It's a Sunbeam. I don't know very much about mixers, but I'm pretty sure it's a nice one. It worked nicely, anyway. Brian's sister in-law bought it for us and I really like it. I'm excited to use it more often. We made sugar cookies and I think they're pretty good. The kids didn't spit them out or anything. Next I may try bread. Mmmm, I love homemade bread. But, that might be too big of a task. How about chocolate chip cookies?

Tonight the kids are all spending the night elsewhere. They don't really have to. Brian and I are staying in tonight as we have every New Year's Eve that we've been together. The first New Year's together we were going to go meet my friends downtown to celebrate. However, we never made it. We started taking shots of tequila at about seven, went and got some Chinese food, had some more shots, and were about to leave. I started to put my boots on and the next thing I remember is waking up at about 1:00 am. I had passed out. I missed New Year's. How sad. Actually, it wasn't sad at all. It's somewhat stupid to go out on this night. People are crazy and there are drunks everywhere, including in their cars, driving around. Staying in sounds perfectly fine to me.

Okay, I seriously need to get ready. It's getting horribly late. I hope everyone (or rather anyone?) who reads this has a fun New Year's Eve.


  • personally i don't see what the big hoopla is about tonight. i can't even stay up that late. hee. tomorrow will be just the same as today, but the month name will change.

    i do like january though because then i get to have many birthday cakes (me, my sister, my grandmother..)
    i love cake. :)

    happy new year, jolynn!

    By Blogger cat, at 3:03 PM, December 31, 2004  

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