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Monday, August 02, 2010

I Love Birthday Week

Usually the week of my birthday is filled with birthday activities, directly related to my birthday. This week is filled with just things going on.

-Monday is hair appointment. My hair needs this appointment. It is dry and needs the ends trimmed and my eyebrows look awful.

-Tuesday our neighborhood is participating in National Night Out and we're having a dessert potluck and raffle in the park. It should be pretty fun. I'm making rice crispy treats because they are easy and I can make them tonight. I sure hope someone brings brownies.

-Wednesday is my actual birthday! We're going to Wahooz where we can do bumper boats and race cars and laser tag. The kids will have fun. Maybe we can order some really bad pizza too. Who knows, I haven't figured that part out yet. I usually take the day of my birthday off from work but not this year. This year is entirely reserved for the wedding. Well, not entirely but I already used a bunch of days, so from now to the end of the year my days are for the wedding/honeymoon.

-Thursday I don't really have anything going on but I'm hoping to go to one of the workout classes I've been going to after work at this new place that does yoga and kickboxing and other classes. It's a pay as you go and I love it. We'll see what they're doing on Thursday.

-Friday, again, I don't have anything really planned but I'm sure something will come up. But, if not I might try to fit in another class. I guess they're starting a butt and gut class on Friday's that might be pretty painful.

-Saturday is meeting with a florist in the morning and going to the Beer Fest in the afternoon. I can not wait for Beer Fest. Last year it was so fun and it's going to be even bigger this year. Brian has to work that day but I'm making him go because he will have fun. I will also need to convince Brian's parents to go with me because they went last year and we all had a good time.

-Sunday is bride's maid dress day. The bridal party will be having lunch and then going to a nearby bridal shop to try on dresses. My girls can't wait. I don't about the other girls but Jillian and Darby can not wait to get their "beautiful" dresses and "beautiful" shoes for the wedding. And maybe we can fit in some school shopping too because school starts again. Soon!!!

Well, so much for changing my blog...


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