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Thursday, July 12, 2007

I haven't had anything good to post lately. Not a lot has been happening. Jillian is recovering nicely from her trauma (see below). And I think you guys are right, I will probably hear about the real story when Jillian turns 20. And perhaps we will laugh about it. Maybe.

Right now I'm getting excited to take a week off and head for the hills. In two weeks we are going to try a few nights at the cabin with all the kids. The older kids are very excited. Jillian is pretty indifferent until she gets up there, but she has fun while she's there. They get so dirty. I hope we can survive. We have a few little plans like going to the lake and BBQ-ing one afternoon. I'm very happy that my poor little white legs are finally going to get a little sun exposure. Even with sunblock on.

Speaking of sun, my little baby spends so much time outside with her grandma and grandpa her hair is getting blond streaks in it. I can't believe it. She had pretty dark hair when she was born and now she has blond streaks! It is cute, though. I need to be taking more pictures of that little baby. Because she's almost 2!!!!

Brian says when she turns two we have to stop calling her the baby or people will think we had another one. Hmph!

This afternoon I bought some M&M's out of the vending machine and then went to Brian's desk to see if he wanted any. He wasn't there because he was at my desk looking for me.

I couldn't sleep last night because every time I laid down I would start to cough uncontrollably. I went and laid down on the couch and ended up sleeping there all night. No coughing. What the heck does that mean?

It's taken me all day to write this lame post. Sorry!


  • Boise hey? Kind of a neat town. I owned a parts house in Utah for four years and happened to be in Boise during the bicentennial bash.

    Helped to take the big cake out of the truck. It was a nice weekend get away.

    By Blogger BBC, at 9:35 PM, July 13, 2007  

  • Oh, take care of that cough, they can be nasty. I had a cough/cold last month that lasted two weeks.


    By Blogger Karen, at 5:28 AM, July 14, 2007  

  • Maybe you are allergic to Brian? Don't worry, I am always sleeping on the couch! ;)

    By Blogger Unknown, at 4:33 AM, July 15, 2007  

  • Just stopping by to say hello:-}

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:25 AM, July 16, 2007  

  • My son is 4 1/2 and I still call him my baby. :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:04 AM, July 19, 2007  

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