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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Have A Great Holiday Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is coming up. This means we have all the kids three weekends in a row. Which at this very moment, before the start of the weekend, which will run into next week, which will go into the next weekend, the entire time having four kids in the house, I'm excited. Once I hit the next weekend, I will be exhausted. But, that's next weekend. This weekend I have plans.

-Friday: Hanging out, eating pizza, watching a movie of MY choice. Not the kids. I don't want to watch something lame. :)

-Saturday: Go to the local Farmer's Market, have lunch, play in the water, MAYBE go hang out at Brian's parents house and have a big party while they're out of town. Just kidding. We might go use they're fire pit and roast marshmallows and make s'mores.

-Sunday: Take a bike ride on the Greenbelt in the big city, stop and have a snack and a play break in one of the parks. Come home and do nothing.

-Monday: I have nothing planned except to make a turkey dinner, which will be served closer to lunch time.

Our original plans were to go to the cabin and spend the weekend up there doing nothing at all. However, since there is no running water up there at the moment the three princesses of the family decided to stay home. Baby, Brian and I are not going to stay some where with out running water. Seriously.


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