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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy Valley

Well, we're going into day three after the big game, and it was a big game. It is still all the talk around here. Not that I expected it would quit after a few days, I just thought it might die down a bit. It hasn't.

My boss and co-worker went to Arizona to watch the game (not together) and they both came back to work this morning and boy do they have a lot to talk about. Every where you go there's talk of the Broncos and our local news certainly isn't tired of it. Not that anyone should be because it's very exciting for our little city to have something so big happen.

Plus, the game was actually a really good game, as far as I was concerned. The only thing I know about football is there's running, catching, throwing and touchdowns. Anything in between I'm completely clueless. This game was the easiest football game to watch. Like Brian said, we'll never have to watch another football game again, because it was that good. I guess I am a little excited, even though I haven't been a faithful fan by any means. I keep up with the scores and who they happen to be playing on any given game, but that's mainly to be able to have a conversation with the season pass holders here at my office. And there are a lot of those.

We do have a Sooner fan amongst us, however. Before the game he had Sooner signs up and every time he passed my cube he would sing their fight song. You don't know how fun it was to see him on Tuesday! Ha, ha for him!

Besides the game, it is also a couple of days into my resolution to stay fit and alcohol free and I am doing an amazing job thus far. Okay, I realize we're only a couple of days into it, but hey I have worked out both days and have not had any beer. My body aches from working out so hard and I really haven't craved a beer. Not really. Besides that, I have been so productive at nights. Brian and I have done a major cleaning job on the upstairs. Now we just have to get the Christmas stuff into the gargage. Maybe I will do that tonight, who knows.

Plus, I just returned from the doctor and I have lost 17 pounds since my last visit. I was so happy. I mean, sure my last visit was eight weeks after having a baby, but still. That seems like a lot. It also sort of unmotivates me. I start thinking, hey, I'm 17 pounds skinnier than last year. I don't need to work out. :)


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