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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I Love This Month

I love the holidays. I love them and this year I've been in especially good spirits. It just seems as though all is right with the world and I'm able to put together my picture perfect celebrations. Picture perfect for me anyway. I'm sure everyone has there own ideas of what perfect holiday.

Our tree looks exceptionally pretty this year, Brian put lights on the house, we had our annual after Thanksgiving shopping spree which also includes breakfast and was a complete success and everyone just seems to be happy this year. It's just all falling into place.

This month is so busy. This week is Brian's Christmas party for the division he works for. Next week is Riley's Christmas program, a luncheon for a woman who is leaving at work, her open house she's having for the same reason, and the holiday buffet at work that I will miss because it's the same day as the luncheon. The week after is our departments Christmas party and then! It's time for Christmas. I love it! I'm excited. We didn't buy the kids a lot of gifts and Brian thinks they'll be disappointed, but I don't. We don't even have them all for Christmas day, but Christmas Eve they will hang they're stockings above our fireplace (which we didn't have in the old house) and put out cookies for Santa, which Jillian will surely get into before they leave and they will make sure everything is in perfect order and ready for Santa's arrival.

I hope everyone is looking forward to the holidays. I know some people don't enjoy the holidays and find them stressful, but it's not all about the shopping and spending (though I do love those things). I love doing the little traditions with kids. Especially when they remember and ask, "are we going to get a piece of chocolate every day of December until Christmas like we did last year?" Which we didn't get the Advent calendars last year because we couldn't find them. We had them the year before, but they still remember. And they talk of Christmas past and tell stories of what they received and what they loved and I think that is the best part. Brian probably thinks I'm lying. He probably thinks I like the shopping and spending part best, but the actual truth, is my favorite part about the holiday season is the Christmas music. Ha!



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