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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Two Down, However Many To Go

Well, Brian's Christmas party was fun as I knew it would be. We ate, we drank, I was referred to as a holiday harlot...don't even ask. The baby was absolutely miserable being left with my sister. She didn't like that one little bit. Too bad for baby. Mommy and Daddy were out drinking Corona and eating delicious food. I don't regret it a bit.

Last night was Riley's Christmas program for school. It was held at the University in our little city. He was so excited. The place looked very festive and it was crowded. By 7 it was standing room only. I was so relieved we found a seat. Too bad I wasn't able to sit in it for more than five minutes. Unfortunately, Jillian was not interested in seeing the kids sing and dance. Oh no. She wanted to wonder. We ended up hanging out in the lobby with the other 1 year olds. It was pretty miserable. But I did get to see Riley and I'm surprised I was able to pick him out in the crowd of 4th graders. I suppose it wasn't that difficult. He's the smallest one out there. Poor guy.

Saturday night we have a birthday party for Brian's niece that we will be attending even though we were only indirectly invited. I suppose that isn't the point. We are going to attend the party. Enough said.

Next Tuesday is our department holiday party at the ever wonderful Cafe Ole. Ever wonderful because hello, margaritas. Yum. We're having a white elephant exchange. I found my perfect present. Maybe I'll post a picture of it if I get a chance, which is not likely considering I haven't even posted Jordan's b-day pics yet. But will. I hope.

Then is the actual Christmas extravaganza, which will include a Christmas with us, a Christmas with Brian's parents and family and a Christmas with my mom and family. And there will be too many toys even though we haven't bought the kids a lot of toys. And we will eat way too much, because Karen is right, the food is amazing, and there we might ended up having a little more holiday "cheer" than we anticipate if you know what I mean.

Then, of course, we begin to take down the decorations and put away the tree. Which seems a little sad, but hey, we still have a New Year to bring in. That will be a fun party with us and the kids. We never have New Year's plans. I have a New Year story that involves tequila and not making it to midnight, but that would just bore you. Does anyone have any New Year's traditions? That are suitable for children. I'm saying it's going to be a dry evening, just rated PG. Let me know!


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