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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

And go Broncos! Okay, not a sports fan. At all! But I do keep up with the Bronco news. And I do hope they win. They are the underdog and I do love an underdog.

My New Year's Resolution: Stay in shape, lay off the beer and... that's all. I feel like a bloated hippopatamus with all the holiday parties, and Santa candy, and drinks, and ham, and potatoes, and everything else that is completely fattening. I have not even tried to control myself. Nope. I just let go and pretty much said screw it for the past two months. Anything goes. And my work out schedule has been completely shot. This is the beginning of not drinking beer during the week, not snacking, eating sensible meals and working out 4-5 days a week for 30-45 minutes a day. Hope I don't break my resolution.

Also, I haven't posted any Christmas pictures yet, but we did have a nice Christmas. I was not disappointed. Brian asked me a couple of months ago to make me a Christmas list. I wrote him: "a bracelet from Tiffany's and a big pack of Sharpies". "Uh, try again," was basically his response, which I thought meant no on the Tiffany bracelet. So, I kept those two items on my list and added a gift card to Old Navy, the Holiday Barbie, possibly another collector Barbie, did I mention I really want the bracelet from Tiffany's, new pots and pans, and a knife set.

Well, one by one he put my gifts under the tree. Three big presents. I thought I knew what two of the gifts were, the knife set and the pots and pans, but with Brian you can't ever be sure. I had no idea what the other gift was. I asked if he had my stocking gifts. He responded he didn't realize we were doing stocking gifts for each other. Whatever! I gave him a list of things he could go get me real quick before Christmas.

So, the first gift I open is the one I'm not sure about. This one was from the kids. It had several gifts inside a large box. I love those kind! I opened up a Holiday Barbie, a Holiday Barbie ornament, chocolates, and a big pack of Sharpies. That was Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning we woke up and I ran Brian's stocking gifts downstairs. I went back up and told him Santa only brought him gifts. I didn't get any. Because it didn't look like I had any in my stocking. He told me to quit being a baby and Santa did to put gifts in my stocking.

I was so excited. Two small gifts in my stocking. One was a gift card to Old Navy and the other? You guessed it. The bracelet from Tiffany's. I love it! I will post pictures of it soon. My other two gifts were exactly what I thought they were and they are very nice to cook with. Maybe, just maybe, I'll cook more often. Probably not but, whatever. I had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you did too. And I hope everyone keeps their New Year's Resolution. If you are the type to make one.


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