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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Planning My 30th

It's Sunday morning. It snowed last night. The kids are so excited. They want to go have a snowball fight. Weirdos. I hate having snow thrown at my face, but I suppose that's just me. I'm sure the whole game will turn into a cry fest after a couple of minutes.

This weekend has been pretty good. Brian has to work this weekend so yesterday was just me and three little kids. We went shopping for Brian's birthday, which is this Thursday, the day after Riley's. Then we went to a jewelry party my friend was having. The kids played upstairs with her son Jacob while I looked at jewelry I don't really want. I know I should have bought something, but there wasn't anything I had to have. Besides, when I start to purchase nicer jewelry I don't want it to be from that place. I have my heart set on Tiffany and Co. I love that jewelry. I get the catalog every couple of months and I sit around and pick out all the things I want. I think Brian thinks it's a waste of money, but he's a boy and boys know nothing of such things. I told him he should pretend to care about which pieces I would like. Surprisingly, he does (pretend).

I don't know if I've wrote about my plans for turning thirty, but since I'm going to be turning 29 in a few months I've been thinking about it again. I'm way behind. When I turned 28 I was suppose to get my belly button pierced. I never got around to getting it done. Now I have my winter fat and when I sit my stomach has a fat roll. I suppose I should be happy it's just one, right? Before I get my belly button pierced I have to get that taken care of. Considering that I haven't got back into my workout routine I don't know when this will happen. I have set a goal however. March 15th my stomach will be flat again, (fingers crossed), and I will get the piercing. There's nothing special about March 15th, it's just a random date I selected. Brian was becoming angry because I couldn't give him a good reason for the choice of the date. I don't know why this irritated him, but I think it's funny that it did.

Anyway, I need to get it done before my 29th birthday, because when I turn 29 I'm getting a tattoo. I don't know what image I will get tattooed and I'm not entirely sure of where I'll have it put. I'm thinking of getting one put on the small of my back, because I love how those look, but I'm scared to do that. If I'm going to do it I'm going to have to love it. I just need to be strong. I like dragon flies so that would be an option. My friend Tammy has an awesome tattoo on her back, but I don't want to be a follower, and I'm not entirely sure what it is. I don't want a symbol on my back that means something like "I make my living as a prostitute" or something equally as horrible. Not that she would have that on her back, but I've only hung out with her a couple of times outside of work, so you never know. Regardless of the tangent, I'm getting a tattoo when I'm 29.

And the big 3-0. What could I possibly do for that birthday? Well let me tell you. I actually thought I wanted to have another baby before I turned thirty, and then have my tubes tied, but I'm over that faze. I think. At least I haven't been thinking about it for awhile or longing for it is a better description. My new obsession is to have my boobs done. A nice big set of C cups. I want perky, pretty breasts for the rest of my life. I want them so badly. Yesterday, at the jewelry party a girl whose had a boob job was there. Hers are a full C and they aren't that big. She's tiny and still they aren't overwhelming. They are what I would describe as perfect. And I want a pair. I told Brian that I told everyone at my work that's what he's going to get me when I turned thirty. He said he doesn't know how he's going to do that. He'll be able to. I have faith in him. I don't want anything else. I would even consider it two birthdays and a Christmas present, that's how badly I want it. That's my plan. That's how I want to transition into the next part of my life. I think it sounds like a good plan.

Side note: Brian, if you promise to get me the boob job, I might even consider keeping the Chrysler for an extra year. :)


  • january birthays are good. mine is this weekend. my sister's is the 19th.

    march 15th is my shawn's birthday, so again. good choice. ha ha!

    i am trying to have a boob reduction and you want more. sheesh. i guess in that one respect we are different. i'd send you some of mine if i could. ha!

    By Blogger cat, at 7:40 AM, January 18, 2005  

  • It's not fair! Some people get too much and some don't get enough. If that was medically possible I would take you up on that.

    By Blogger Jolynn, at 8:26 AM, January 18, 2005  

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