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Monday, December 04, 2006

Sigh of Relief

I'm not such a slacker. I have my motivation back. And pictures are now posted of Jillian's birthday. Next-Jordan's birthday. It's been kind of a crappy couple of weeks. Well, not exactly crappy, but very stressful. I have this long story of divorce and paper work and new wives and I don't know if I should even get into, but it's finally taken care of and it's a huge relief.

Okay, I'll get into. It begins almost 5 years ago with my moving out and him divorcing me. I moved to a nearby city and he kept the house and the kids and everthing in the house or outside of the house. Have you ever wanted to be away from someone so badly you were willing to sell your soul? That's how I felt and now I'm desperately trying to buy it back. Anyway, the papers indicate that I see them every other weekend and one weekday in the middle of the week. Typical set up, but for some mom's out there a little backwards. It was actually the stupidest thing I could have done. It took me a year to realize it and I regret that missed year. Because I missed a lot.

Fast forward one year. In September of 2003 I moved back to the city I had left. Brian and I moved in to a little three bedroom home on the opposite side of town as the ex. Immediately I began taking the kids for longer stretches of time until eventually I began having them every other week. Exactly a 50/50 split. Which is what it has been for past three years. Rarely an exception. Even if they went out of town with their dad on my week I would take them for the following two weeks. I paid my ex child support and eventually it came down to me making the payment and him paying it back to me the following week. Because I had them the same amount of time. He knew he didn't need that extra money.

Enters the new girlfriend. I don't have any memory of the exact time of her presence, because I just don't care, but it couldn't have been more than a year ago. So, for the sake of putting everything together, for two years before her arrival I had the kids 50% of the time and for at least a year, maybe more, the ex has refunded (that's what I call it) my child support.

Soon the new girlfriend turns into the new wife. I think in September? Once again, I can't remember because I'm not that interested. We've had very few incidents involving the kids or the money except for June, when they "couldn't" give me back the money. That was one month I was certain I was going to have everything changed, but didn't because it's expensive. And it was working again. Until...

Two weeks ago. When I was arguing with the ex about something involving my kids. He hung up. Which I so hate. So I called back. And guess who answered? The new wife. She told me I wasn't talking to him and I told her that this was none of her business. She then proceeded to tell me that we were going to do things the way the papers said. That I will see the kids every other weekend and they were keeping my child support. I called her the nastiest word that I could think of and hung up. Then I called back and again told the ex exactly what I thought about his new wife, which was inadvertently recorded on the answering maching. Which I'm glad. Because now she knows everything I said, word for word.

And honestly, she is such a horrendous person, that what I believe it all came down to was she wanted to keep my child support. She wants nothing to do with my children. She's just an evil little, or should I say fat, greedy witch. And so the papers are done. And she can longer use them for her own evil purposes, though I was told she wouldn't be discussing any such thing with me ever again. I can only hope. And now, I won't have to pay for them to have extra spending money either. As if it's my fault they can't manage their money, they have to steal mine. But, whatever. I guess not everyone can have a Brian around to keep them on a strict budget. I'm just very lucky. Which could also be a reason for her to feel such contempt towards me. Dumb girl.


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