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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Today Was The Same But Different

I went to Riley's school today to volunteer in his class room. It was pretty fun. Most definitely interesting. I could never be in charge of a bunch of seven year olds day in and day out. Never. They don't sit still. They're little wiggle worms. The teacher, Miss Fox, was constantly saying, "please sit down, please be quiet." This is just an observation. I'm not saying that anything is wrong with the situation, just that it's amazingly difficult. My appreciation for teachers has increased. I'm excited to be going back in two weeks. Plus, it made me happy that the minute Riley saw me he ran up and gave me a big hug.

Other news: It is rumored that Nick is leaving Jessica because she was offered a role on The Dukes of Hazard (sp?) and Nick was not. Supposedly she's quite boisterous about her acomplishments and he's fed up. (This was heard by a co-worker on the radio this morning. I have yet to find a story on the net confirming details.) Whatever, Nick. He should just sit back and enjoy his life. She is making mega dollars that he can be spending. He should retire and make the most of his life. He doesn't have it so bad. Yes, her career is sky rocketing while his is stagnant, but get over it. He has a hot, rich wife and I'm sure he must be doing better than some of us financially. Stupid. That's all I have to say on the matter.

I'm watching the post debate debates. The debates are actually entertaining. I know it doesn't seem like they should be, but there's everything you could possibly want from a show--drama, humor, and information. Alright, back to playing internet games, uh, I mean watching the debates.


  • NOOOO! Not my Nick & Jessica! Is nothing sacred?!?! They'll only have been married 2 years this month (I think). Sniffle. I hope my marriage lasts longer than that.

    Not that I thought they'd make it, but I kind of hoped they did you know? It was totally based on love I think. Nick needs to be a little less stingy with the spending money. Although I'll admit that $1400 is quite a lot to be spending on sheets... they are celebs for pete's sake. They (well, SHE) makes loads of money. Live a little.

    And I can't believe I just wrote a comment about that. Have I no life? Hee hee.

    By Blogger cat, at 6:24 PM, October 14, 2004  

  • I hear ya, but there is still hope. It could be a rumor. This was not a couple I wanted breaking up. Ben and Jen, most definitely. Nick and Jessica--hell no!

    By Blogger Jolynn, at 7:03 PM, October 14, 2004  

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