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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Only Happy Thoughts

I have not written for what seems like forever. Alright it’s only been a week, but that’s a pretty long time for me. I haven’t had too much to write about. I haven’t had anything inspirational happen. It’s been the same old thing, everyday, every night.

That has inspired me. I like the same old thing. Especially right now. The same old thing has been really great lately. My day consists of waking up much too early, getting ready for work, going to work, trying to get a workout in at lunch, eating lunch, leaving work, coming home, making dinner, eating dinner, watch a few shows, and going to bed. I know it sounds completely boring. I’m wrong I don’t actually pay much attention to the routine part of my day. It’s the things that happen in between that have made me happy.
Here’s the things that have enjoyed lately:

-Going out to lunch with Brian last week.
-Having him bring me delicious cookies to work “just because”.
-Going to Riley’s class and helping the teacher for an hour. Even if it was only for an hour.
-Calling my messages and having one of them be from Brian, who never leaves messages. Not only did he leave a message, but it was a sweet dopey message at that.
-I like that I made a list on the 18th, for things to do on the 18th and only 3 of the 6 things have been done and it’s already the 20th.
-Trying to cook/bake new recipes I never imagined that I would try, even though some have come out horribly. That’s actually quite disappointing, but hey, at least I tried.
-Going to my mom’s to help her clean while she sews costumes to for the kids. I can’t wait until Halloween.
-Decorating for Halloween, with Brian’s help of course.
-Not having to worry about pervert guy at work because amazingly if you act somewhat hostile and aloof, even stupid creepy guys know to lay off. Nice!

Not that my life is perfect, there have been things that have made me quite upset. For instance, I’m having issues with Riley and Darby right now that have me pretty unsettled, but I hope to get worked through those quickly. And it’s the last week of my birth control pill which makes every emotion more intense and crazy. So my mood is off balance--a little. Upsetting means twice as upsetting as usual and sappy love feelings are also a little more defined. See my happy list? Sappy. But, Brian’s been really sweet about everything lately so I decided to write a few things down. Oh, and the reason he knows that I haven’t been working out as much as usual is because he sees me naked every night and he pays attention to me. Just thought I would throw that in.


  • Apparently this has been a week for lagging posts as most of the blogs I read haven't been updated. Mine probably would have been the same if I didn't have my sister's wedding to talk about. (Note: it wasn't in vegas :))

    By Blogger cat, at 12:22 PM, October 20, 2004  

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