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Thursday, September 30, 2004

My Boyfriend

Alright, here's one of my older posts. It was originally posted on August 19th.

I hate saying and using this term, "my boyfriend". Brian is my boyfriend. My boyfriend Brian. I'm not exactly sure why I'm not fond of the phrase but I believe it has something to do with the possessive tone. He's my boyfriend. He's actually not mine. If he were he would have to do everything that I said and to my dismay he does not. In fact, the other day he tried to coach me on how to order someone to do something and still be polite. He said that I didn't correctly tell him close the car window. And there's more to the conversation, but I won't go into it. The point is he isn't my possession. He is actually his own person.

Maybe I don't like saying "my boyfriend" because it sounds so juvenile. Like we're in high school or something. My boyfriend is soooo cute, he's to die for. High school girls are always talking about their boyfriends. My boyfriend this, my boyfriend that. I just can't stand to call him that in a conversation with people at work.

For awhile, when I met new people I wouldn't say "my boyfriend Brian", I would simply refer to him as Brian. That caused mass confusion. People then assumed he was my husband. I hate using the term "my boyfriend", but not as much as I hate having to correct people by telling them that, "no Brian is not my husband, he's my boyfriend".

Side note: I once had to use this exact sentence while speaking with my father. Now that is infuriating. He knows we're not married. My God! It makes me enraged to think of this incident even now.Okay, my rant is over.

I don't hate to correct people because I want him as something more than a boyfriend and I don't refuse to call him my boyfriend because I want something less than a boyfriend, I just wish there was something else to say. I suppose there's a few other terms of endearment but I don't prefer any of those either. I'm stuck with my boyfriend. Life could be worse.


  • (please believe I am not a stalker! :))

    You seem to think the same way I do in a lot of cases. Cool. :) I agree with this "boyfriend" label. There really isn't a better term. Pretty much I just refer to Shawn as The Boy. Heh. Plus now we're engaged and I absolutely HATE the term fiancee. Ugh. So I refuse to refer to either of us in that manner. I will jokingly say "my betrothed" but other than that I say nothing.

    He's pretty much just the Boy.:)

    By Blogger cat, at 6:09 AM, October 01, 2004  

  • I don't think your a stalker. Thanks for all your comments. They're great.

    By Blogger Jolynn, at 12:54 PM, October 01, 2004  

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