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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Man or Wimp?

I read an article awhile back called Meet the Wimpster by Rachel Elder. In the article is a quiz you can take to find out if your man is in fact a “whimpster”. I decided to take the quiz. Some of the questions are pretty ambiguous and it was difficult to chose from the options provided. I did my best to pick the most relevant answer in regards to Brian and to my relief I found he is not a wimpster.

His results are as follows:

8-to-13 points: Regular Guy Mandude. In the land of stereotypes, Guy Mandude is the blueprint for all hetero males, unable to wash a toilet if the Super Bowl depended on it, immune to displays of emotion and right there on the dull edge of what's hip or cool.

I don’t believe this description is entirely accurate, but I’m glad to know he isn’t a wimpy guy. I didn’t think he was very wimpy, but I’ve never really tried to categorize him either. Regular Guy Mandude. I can live with. It is true he would never clean the toilet. I think that has more to do with the fact that he thinks it’s completely disgusting and maybe even a little beneath him to perform such a task than anything to do with it being unmanly.

Does that make him sound prissy? Nah, just snobby. He is a tad bit snobby at times. Snobbish doesn’t sound very manly. What is wrong with him? Why can’t he just be a stereotypical male, like his description from the quiz. What the heck. I thought these quizzes were suppose to be completely accurate and precise. Oh well, I suppose he can just be Brian. I like that best anyway.


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